Home Cookin: Bean Pot Soup

Welcome to a new little segment I like to call “Home Cookin.” Today I bring to you a Sally Wilgus specialty (passed down from Grandmom Erwin)…

(Print the recipe card here.)

Alex and I discovered that BOTH of our moms think it important that we have recipes passed down in their own handwriting. I am a major supporter of this idea. We love getting tastes of home (Texas and New England) now that we’re in our own little Chicago apartment. And these recipes are just too good not to share.

This weekend, try out a nice warm pot of soup. Enjoy it on Sunday afternoon and package up the rest for an easy-grab lunch through the week.

So here we go. Bean Pot Soup in 10 easy steps.

Now the good part! It’s delicious with some home-baked cracked-pepper whole-wheat (that’s a lot of qualifiers) tortilla chips. But it’s even better with warm buttered skillet cornbread. Yeah, definitely go with the cornbread.

PS: One hearty bowl comes in at a whopping $2.46! (Not the dainty little cup in the picture. And that’s assuming you already have salt and Paprika in your cabinet.) Another reason why we cook this up once a week.


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