Custom Handmade Valentines by You!

Alright friends. I’m trying something new here. And I’m pretty darn excited about it. Introducing Custom Handmade Valentines by You!

Once you’ve followed my simple instructions, your Valentine will look like this:

I’m making it easy for you this year. All you have to do is download the PDF, fill in your sweetie’s name, print, and give to said sweetie on Feb 14.

This printable (that’s the industry term I learned recently) includes: 

  • Custom heart bunting folded card in two (yes, two!) color schemes
  • Custom matching Valentines coupons (makes gift giving easy, thoughtful, and free!)
  • Two patterned pages for envelope liners, gift tags for the bouquet of flowers you got me, I mean, your wife, or just a special love note
I printed a girlie version on white paper (above), and made it a bit more masculine with this brown paper bag style.

(For all you gaming nerds out there — you know who you are — this is one of Alex’s coupons: “Choose one: +2 actions; +3 cards; +7 kisses”.)

So get to work! Make sure you have Adobe Reader (you can download it here) and then print your printable. (See how they got the name? Clever.)

A few technical notes: Depending on your browser, when you click the link, it might appear like you can edit the PDF right in your browser. Don’t fall for it. Save the document, open it in Adobe Reader, then edit it. Also, when you print, choose the print option that says “actual size.”

If it doesn’t work quite right, you have permission to email me. Like I said, I’m new at this and did all kinds of testing on PCs and Macs, but not quite sure that I caught everything.


4 thoughts on “Custom Handmade Valentines by You!

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  2. Are you guys fans of Dominion, as well? We are kinda sorta major gaming nerds, as well. Have you heard of Small World? That’s our new favorite pastime. (How’s that for an oxymoron?)

    Lauren, this printable is so lovely…along with your new one for this year. Who knew you were such a design queen?!

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