My First Love

Well, my first crafting love anyway. Stationery. It just soothes my soul to pull out my trusty little paper cutter and see that stack of brightly colored envelopes just waiting for a pretty little card to hold.

I had a couple of dear friends with birthdays this week, so I happily nabbed the opportunity to put together a little personalized package for them. One enjoyable Saturday crafternoon later, here’s what I had in my hands:

Personalized flat cards with handmade envelopes for Sara.

Personalized flat cards with fancy Norman Rockwell envelope liners for Anna:

Think you can’t do this? You can! Here are my secret weapons:

  • Paper Source envelope templates
  • Paper Source envelope liner templates
  • Paper Source envelopes in any color you can imagine
  • Large sheets of paper for envelopes. Try wrapping paper, or the 12×12″ sheets you can find at craft stores.
  • Interesting designs/patterns/photos for envelope liners. I’ve used sheet music, comics, and best of all, thrift store coffee table books (like Norman Rockwell paintings). Get creative!
  • Card stock in any color you like. Print someone’s monogram or name in a cool font to make simple flat cards.
  • Double-sided tape (It’s easy to work with and glue falls apart, trust me.)

So go get to crafting already!Β 

PS: A sneak peek at Crafternoon madness


9 thoughts on “My First Love

  1. I so enjoy making my own cards for people and have just started trying different stationaries. I noticed in your Vday card post that you had envelope liners and they are so neat! Thanks for sharing all your secrets. I am so excited to get started!

    • Oh great! I love those things. And don’t tell the Paper Source I told you so, but you don’t even really have to buy the set. You can just make your own template out of heavy paper or cardboard. Just trace around the envelope you’re using, and then cut about 1/4 inch inside the flap part. Then you’re not limited to Paper Source envelopes either. :)

  2. Beautiful! I was lucky enough to receive some of your custom stationary once … and I just used the last of it a few months ago. I saved it for special occasions, because it felt so perfect it just couldn’t be used for casual correspondence. You have a real talent!

  3. How’d you get those cursive names on the stationery? Did you hand-write each one or print them? I love the hand-written look but can’t believe you replicated them with such precision so many times!

    • Good question. I should detail that in another post. :) I just wrote the same thing a bunch of times on a sheet of paper. I scanned it, picked the one I liked best, and cropped it into a jpg so I could drop it into a document for printing.

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