Project Defeminization

For the last 8 years, I’ve been collecting pretty accessories, curtains, paintings, lamps, etc, with the hope of some day compiling it into an Anthropologie-esque dream home.

Then I got engaged.

And Alex said, “Do you think that, maybe, when we get married, our apartment could like, um, maybe, you know, no offense or anything, but be a little less…feminine?”

I got his point. I’ve certainly kept his very gentle request in mind, but it’s been harder than I thought to neutralize all those pinks and flowers. So this weekend I went to work.

Project #1: The Entryway

Here’s what our entryway has looked like for a while. We bought this card catalog together at an antique shop, and we love it. But it’s had a few pretty little afore-mentioned accessories sitting on it. With a pretty, flowery painting hanging above.

No more. This weekend I used my incredible defeminization powers and Zap!

Bold, graphic, orange print in a bigger and thicker black frame. More clear space showing off that masculine metal surface. Accompanied only by Mr Bird. (Who, by the way, went from dumb and boring to slick and cool with a few coats of glossy white spray paint…)

But back to the project at hand. This entryway no longer says “Good day, sir, welcome home to your lovely abode. May I pour you a cup of tea.” It says, “Hey man, come on in. You’re just in time for our co-ed crafternoon.”

Just what every guy wants to hear, right?

Well, if not completely defeminized, hopefully the aesthetic at least falls a bit more in the middle on the scale of lace to movie posters.


10 thoughts on “Project Defeminization

  1. Lauren, Aaron just showed me your blog and it’s so great! You and Alex are so creative… actually maybe a little TOO creative; I think you should share the wealth! I guess this makes at least three blog names that have come from Alex, including Aaron’s :). Hope you guys are doing well! And hold your ground on the Blade Runner poster. Women of the world unite.

    • Thanks Jillian! Um, I’m pretty sure there’s quite a bit of creativity in the Huberty home. You made us a picture frame! And thanks for the Blade Runner encouragement. I think I’m going to need it.

  2. Oh, dear! It’s coming for me too! Collin has made very similar comments. He’s all mid-century modern and I’m forver regency English countryside. Sigh. I think we’ll have to mourn the loss of our florals and pastels with a tea party. Lots of pink. And ruffles. You in? ;)

  3. You should pass on some decorating leverage to my wearied wife. She’s been having to fight tooth and nail to de-spartanize our apartment – it took her a week to convince me to add a slightly feminine lamp to the entryway desk. And that was after I built a bookshelf, made a raw bench, installed a bare lightbulb light…

    Do apartments need anything other than books, tweed, and wood?

    • Well your handmade furniture is incredibly stylish. So that’s a good start. I’m fighting a “pop culture room” over here. (And I definitely support Lissy on the entryway desk lamp.)

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