Make Mom Proud

My first 28 years of writing thank you notes was child’s play compared to wedding thank yous. A note seems to hardly suffice for the overwhelming generosity of so many (oh so very many), so a special thank you card is even more important.

I got a few questions on my last handmade stationery post. So I’m back to detail a bit more of my process in pictures.

And I’m including a free printable to make it a bit easier. So just click here, follow the photo instructions below, write a few thank you notes, and make mom proud!

Here’s the free printable of the handwritten “thank you” part of the card. Just cut along the lines and then use double-sided tape to attach it!

The Paper Source is a great one stop shop for all things stationery. So check there for cool paper, pre-cut cards of any color, matching envelopes, and envelope liner templates.

PS: All you engaged ladies out there do not have time to be making your own thank you cards. So you better keep an eye on your mail… 


One thought on “Make Mom Proud

  1. :) I’ve been writing so many more thank you’s lately (not engaged). haha most times they’re work related to mail after meetings/lunches but now I want to make a trip to paper source for some fun of my own! (ps. I think my sudden re-visiting the thank you note world came from 1000 gifts for sure!) miss and love you, glad this blog keeps me posted on your latest adventures/crafts;)

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