Pretty Pocket Jotters

Today I was antsy for a project but wasn’t feeling too much patience in me. So these pretty little jotters were perfect. They took less than 15 minutes to put together and I can’t wait to start using them!

Here are the materials:

The secret: Gorgeous wallpaper samples from Anthropologie! (shhh.) While drooling over the website one day, I saw you could order samples for free. So I took them up on it. They are perfectly lovely decorating these mini moleskin journals.

You can easily wrap a piece right around the journal using double-stick tape:

Round the corners to cover the entire front, or add some embellishments:

Gift a set of 3, or split them up among friends (one would mail in a plain old envelope):

I had a few extra wallpaper samples, so with those I went even smaller and made my own little pocket jotters. (I saw this idea over here. Only a matter of time before crafters ’round the world discovered anything free from Anthropologie.)

I just cut a few sheets of paper to be 4″x6″ like the wallpaper samples, folded them together and stapled in the middle:

So get to it! And be creative about the paper you use: sheet music, comic books, a page of poetry, anything printed! These couldn’t be easier and will be fun to fill…

PS: I wrote “Eucharisteo” on one of the Moleskin journals because I’ve been reading the book, “One Thousand Gifts.” The author is dared by a friend to write down one thousand things she is thankful for, so she tries it. Her beautifully written book chronicles how this act of giving thanks — Eucharisteo — softens her heart and gives her joy. These little notebooks seemed perfect for carrying around in a pocket or purse to jot down throughout the day the things I am thankful for.


6 thoughts on “Pretty Pocket Jotters

  1. I KNEW those free wallpaper samples would be good for something! I just needed to read your blog to find out what! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip on the free wallpaper samples – – I ordered mine tonight! So great to see your posts and creativity realized. It’s definitely an inspiration.

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