Brass Jungle Bookends

As happens sometimes, we spent more of today’s crafternoon in pursuit of materials than actually crafting. Which meant that it was even more satisfying when our hard work paid off. Check out these Brassed Jungle Bookends!

Little-known-fact: You can’t buy spray paint in Chicago’s city limits. This is not good news for crafters. So we started this crafternoon with a trip to the suburban Home Depot for some metallic spray paint. We picked up some tumbled stone tiles there too.

After our Home Depot hot dogs, we stopped at the Dollar Tree for some plastic animals.

Christy and I went for the Jungle variety, Avril opted for the dinosaurs. It was a tough decision.

We got home, took our goods out to the alley, and sprayed away. Take that Chicago!

While we waited for the paint to dry, we super-glued our tiles together. We had hoped to find some sort-of-like-brick-but-smaller-than-brick stones, but tiles turned out to be the best option.

Once our animals were dry, we pulled out some books to test how they stood best on their new pedestals, made small pencil marks under their feet, and then super-glued them down.

Then Voila! Jungle Bookends!

Here’s one view. You can see Mr. Lion up there on the top shelf.

Or the pair together:

Thanks to Little Green Notebook for the idea!


One thought on “Brass Jungle Bookends

  1. I love your bookends and I love it that you have Peace Like a River prominently displayed! Oh, and I tried to buy spray paint at Home Depot the other day and they carded me!!!! Your blog is great fun!

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