To the Guest Room, Robin!

Alex loves comic books. And I love that he loves comic books. (He often writes about them here.) So this project is mainly an attempt to create a room that Alex gets excited about. The way I get excited about Anthropologie curtains and antique lamps.

But first, grab your cape and take a little trip back in time with me. Remember this?

This looks like a job for Superman! (You can read the post about that hot mess here.) Well, although it’s been cleaned out for a while, we finally got around to painting it over Memorial Day. A lovely shade of gray.

Patched walls and a coat of paint did wonders. Alex also used his super husband powers to rip down those vertical blinds and throw them into kingdom come.

So now we can fast forward to yesterday, when Alex and I took a trip to the comic book store. All back issues were 50% off!!!! Holy sale, Batman!!!!

It took a bit of digging (not that Alex minded) and we came home with 8 frameable classic character covers for $14. And some other stuff, but that’s beside the point.

The frames I found were nothing special, but I decided to go for quantity over quality. Alex had the brilliant idea to just frame the whole comic. So I did. And I loved the 3D look!

Hanging these babies was no easy task, but they were no match for my decorating will-power. ZAP! ZOK! KAPOW!

Just another day in the life of this Dynamic Duo.

PS: The room is nowhere near complete, but I decided to break the “before and after” rule of blogging and show you a bit of progress. And it is definitely open for business. So you can come and visit now.


16 thoughts on “To the Guest Room, Robin!

  1. Holy Batman, what a fantastic idea!! =) Love the pillows on the bed too!! I like that you are breaking it up. Sometimes it can be a whole lot of before/after when it’s all at once…though that is good too!!

  2. (Found you from Pinterest) Love the framed comic books! I got a some Avengers Vs. X-Men from 87′ recently and my husband suggested we frame them. Haven’t yet, but I am super excited about the idea! Did you just sit the comic books on top of the mat, so it’s held up by the glass and backing pressure?

    • Hi Rachel! That sounds great. I actually removed the mats because the cutout was too big for the comics. So I ended up just using a bit of masking tape to secure their position on a piece of paper that fit the frame. I think there did end up being enough pressure because of the thickness of the comic book that the glass alone would have held them in place just fine. Let me know how yours work out!

  3. Hi just found your blog from Pinterest (I was searching for comic book art). I was hoping to do this same thing with my husbands comic books. Did you have any problem with the comics sliding or falling once in the frame. When this happens with pictures I typically just use some double sided tape to hold them in place but don’t want to do that to the books. Did you find that they were thick enough to hold in place in the frame or did you implement something else? Thanks for the great idea!

    • Hi Miranda!

      I actually did use a bit of masking tape on the back of the book. (We got them at a sale so they weren’t really valuable to us.) I did find though that the thickness of the book seemed to be enough to hold it in place since it was so snug between the glass and frame backing. So they might hold up fine without any sort of tape. You should just start with one and see how it works! I’d love to know how it goes.

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  5. Do you have the titles for each of the comics? Or close ups? I love the choice of comics. I would love to find these exact ones

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