Custom Onesies. Or in this case, Twosies.

I’ve been dabbling in custom onesies for quite some time now. They are usually just a fun little accompaniment to a baby gift that a new mom actually wants. But I love making gifts personal and I’ve found this to be a fun way to give a nod to training your kids in the ways they should go. And by that I mean teaching them from day 1 to love the same things you love. Important things like Reese’s Cups and Michigan State.

Our upstairs neighbors had not one, but two babies this week! So today I made some onesies for the twinsies. (We haven’t met them yet, but they’re both doing well.)

This is a quick project. Just requires some onesies and iron-on transfer paper. Both found at your local Target or JoAnn. Then get creative! I’ve enjoyed finding logos of things I know the new parents like. These are some I made for a friend a while back:

The only tricky part is reversing the image on the transfer paper so that you can actually print it out backwards.

Then print out your designs and iron them on just like the directions say!

For these girls, I made some graphics that reference a Chicago Blue Line El Stop. And we happen to have this awesome drawing that Alex did of our building for his side business, Flat Forest. So that was perfect for our neighbors (who also happen to be our landlords and own the building).

This would be a great project with kids too. One of my friends transferred her kids drawings onto t-shirts. They looked so abstract and awesome, you’d have thought they were from Urban Outfitters.


7 thoughts on “Custom Onesies. Or in this case, Twosies.

  1. Those are so cute, Lauren! I have to say, when I saw the first picture, I got really confused and wondered why you were making Alex a onesie :)

  2. These are way too cute!! I love the TWV one too =). I can’t wait to give it a try. I’m a bit nervous about the whole reversing the image though!!

    • It’s not hard…I’ve just forgotten to do that part and then waste a sheet of transfer paper. But I bet there is an easy way to flip an image in whatever photo program you use. (Love Little V’s first day of K pictures!)

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