Before and After: Desk Chair

It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do, huh? I found this chair a couple of years ago at a Salvation Army. I’m pretty sure the price tag was $3.99. I knew it needed some paint and a new seat cover. But it wasn’t until we upholstered our headboard that I felt confident enough to try it. (And it’s the first time I’ve had my very own staple gun.)

I started by flipping the chair over and unscrewing the seat. I laughed when I saw that someone had covered some gorgeous gold silk with this cheap old cotton. To quote my design savvy sister: “Do you people have eyes???”

Next I took the chair frame outside into the alley with some precious spray paint. (Precious because we must drive 30 minutes to purchase it outside of the city limits.)

It took a couple of coats to properly cover the whole frame. (There are some good spray painting tips over here.) So while I waited for each coat to dry I went inside and worked on the upholstery.

I used a remnant we still had from our headboard so this project cost me exactly $0. (I’ve had the chair for so long that I don’t think that $3.99 counts.) $0 is good when you have a husband in full time grad school.

Start in the middle, pull taught, and staple away. Beware of whatever fabric grain you’re working with.

I let the spray paint dry over night and then screwed the seat back in place. It makes a loverly desk chair in our guest room.

If you have an eye sore in your home, don’t wait any longer to do something about it. I held out for too long on this one because I was a bit intimidated by the recovering process. But it was way easier than I expected. It also helped to “practice” on something that I didn’t really care about. So if you’re noivous about ruining a piece you own, go check out your local thrift store for something to practice on. You might even end up loving the result.


7 thoughts on “Before and After: Desk Chair

  1. Wow, Lauren! This is inspiring indeed. I just posted about tips for thrifting and didn’t even cover the whole furniture realm, but this inspires me to get out there and see what furniture I can find to upcycle. Love the bright white look to it and that you were able to use fabric you already had. Brava!

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