Before and After: Master Bedroom

Yowza! I can’t believe we lived in this bedroom for the first 9 months we were married! I look at this photo and laugh out loud. I would consider myself a generally design savvy person with good taste and an ability to make the best of any home situation. But this dark hallway of a bedroom? I was clueless. Here’s the other direction to show you just how clueless.

Vom. Clearly, I needed help.

This was a job for the lovely ladies behind the hott new {rehabitat}. Wanna see what they can do? (You might recognize this from the sneak peek I gave you in my DIY headboard post.)

Yeah. Talk about the extreme home makeover of every girl’s dreams!

Here’s how {rehabitat} helped.

I sent them the before photos, room measurements, and what I had to work with. That list included a bed, dresser, chair, some Anthropologie curtains, and a set of shelves. And of course I told them that I wanted a bit of antique and DIY flair.

They sent me a package in the mail that actually made me squeal! A polka dot folder with a floor plan, paint samples, fabric swatches, shopping list!, drawings that showed me how to hang curtains, and suggestions for how to add a bit of my own creativity and stay within my budget by repurposing things I already had. Genius!

And this…

We painted, hung curtains (over the mirror!) and shelves, bought new bedding from West Elm (their suggestion), found a very cool rehabbed night stand, hung an awesome drawing from Alex’s sister, Frances, DIYed our headboard, and shuffled around some lamps.

I love it so much! I feel like we’ve moved from an insane asylum into a 5 star hotel with a private music room. As savvy as I may be, I could have never done this on my own.

PS: Did I mention the design geniuses behind {rehabitat} happen to be my mom and sister? I’m kind of proud.