Before and After: Master Bedroom

Yowza! I can’t believe we lived in this bedroom for the first 9 months we were married! I look at this photo and laugh out loud. I would consider myself a generally design savvy person with good taste and an ability to make the best of any home situation. But this dark hallway of a bedroom? I was clueless. Here’s the other direction to show you just how clueless.

Vom. Clearly, I needed help.

This was a job for the lovely ladies behind the hott new {rehabitat}. Wanna see what they can do? (You might recognize this from the sneak peek I gave you in my DIY headboard post.)

Yeah. Talk about the extreme home makeover of every girl’s dreams!

Here’s how {rehabitat} helped.

I sent them the before photos, room measurements, and what I had to work with. That list included a bed, dresser, chair, some Anthropologie curtains, and a set of shelves. And of course I told them that I wanted a bit of antique and DIY flair.

They sent me a package in the mail that actually made me squeal! A polka dot folder with a floor plan, paint samples, fabric swatches, shopping list!, drawings that showed me how to hang curtains, and suggestions for how to add a bit of my own creativity and stay within my budget by repurposing things I already had. Genius!

And this…

We painted, hung curtains (over the mirror!) and shelves, bought new bedding from West Elm (their suggestion), found a very cool rehabbed night stand, hung an awesome drawing from Alex’s sister, Frances, DIYed our headboard, and shuffled around some lamps.

I love it so much! I feel like we’ve moved from an insane asylum into a 5 star hotel with a private music room. As savvy as I may be, I could have never done this on my own.

PS: Did I mention the design geniuses behind {rehabitat} happen to be my mom and sister? I’m kind of proud.


5 thoughts on “Before and After: Master Bedroom

  1. Okay, I’m the first to “like this” because I’ve been waiting and waiting to see what their new name and website was gonna be. I’m so excited for them! And YOU GUYS have a beautiful new room! (I love the curtains over the mirror — is that really what I’m seeing?)

  2. huh? I am not givcoffee..( that last entry) that’s emily and jeff”s company,,,not sure how that happened
    I am Cynthia..sorry for confusion :) …anyhoo, nice room :)

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