The Happiest Day

Alex and I just celebrated our first anniversary. (And finally got to eat some wedding cake — still delicious. Thanks for saving it, Mom!) We had a lovely weekend thinking back on our first year of marriage and looking forward to what could be ahead. When we returned home from said lovely weekend I got to tear open the wedding photos we got in the mail that I have been anxiously awaiting for a whole entire year!!!!!

So I’m sure this post is for me more than you. But hopefully it gives you a glimpse into the reasons behind why I loved this day so much. Even more than the things and details that made our wedding beautiful, were the people who came and the joy we all shared.

My sister (Emily) did my hair, my mom and Emily made all the bouquets, the ladies chose their own dresses and looked gorgeous. We took pictures with the most perfect New England fall backdrop at the Hillstead Museum in Farmington, CT.

The people who made it all happen. The Schmunks: responsible for such a beautiful event, gorgeous music (even while violently ill), and general willingness to do whatever needed to be done. The Wilgi: responsible for the best rehearsal dinner ever (where we watched this) and being supportive through every step, even all the way from Dallas. And of course, Em, who graciously helped me with every decision even as a newlywed herself. I love you all so much.

Prayer beforehand, a ceremony that made us laugh and tear up, family and friends who sang, played, and read (that’s you Jenn, Daniel, Sara, Jill, Aaron, and Jesse). And what I remember most clearly is when Jed told us to turn around and look at everyone who came to support us.

A wedding party who would do anything for us, and so so so much joy.

Dad tearing up the crowd, especially us. Incredible cocktail hour band of college friends, scheming siblings, friends from across the country, and last visit between brother and sister. So special having Aunt Ruth and Granddad before he died.

Greenhouse entryway styling by Emily, favor notecards drawn by Alex, tables BUILT by dad, and herbs planted by mom. Dancing parents, dancing fools, and lots of people we love.

*Many many thanks to Emily Johnston Anderson for the beautiful images (her post here). We will treasure the memories.


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