Christmas Crafternoon

I started this blog last year after giving and receiving(!) lots of lovely handmade gifts. This year we didn’t make very many gifts, but we did have fun this weekend around the tree, painting ornaments and wrapping packages.

So I hope these pictures will inspire your own Christmas Crafternoon. Don’t be the ‘I-don’t-mind-pushing-my-best-friend-into-but-I’m-scared-stiff-when-I-get-anywhere-close-to-it-myselfing’ kind.


Alex and Nelson grabbed this Crafternoon by the reindeer horns. We spent the morning looking for clear ornament bulbs, but came home without so much as a kiss my foot or have an apple! So we used these red and gold ones instead. Then we used paint markers to draw (and write) on them, fueled by some Christmas spirits and snacks. Isn’t it a wonderful party?

Alex's drawing

Nelson's ornament

Clearly those two have some talent. In some ways, they are far superior to my cocker spaniel.

glittered ornament

I braved the glitter and was loving the gold on gold. (Also, I’ve gotten into wearing nail polish lately. You didn’t expect me to come down in my bathrobe, did you?)


The troops are ready for inspection, sir!


The boys had a much longer attention span than I did. After two glittered ornaments, I moved on to some other projects. I gave these paper ornaments a try and love how simple and delicate they look. Mutual I’m sure!


And maybe my favorite project of the day…wrapping! I found this great 5-point snowflake tutorial and went to town. I’m always drawn to simple brown craft paper and these snowflakes make it look so elegant. The best part was already having all the supplies I needed. Especially since good Christmas paper is somewhere between ouch and boing!


I never saw anything look so wonderful in my whole life. Merry Christmas!

PS: Don’t forget to turn on White Christmas while you work.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Crafternoon

  1. Absolutely loverly! You have a lovely way of writing, Lauren…such a strong writer’s voice. I love all of your creations, and mostly, that you did them with loved ones! I’m looking fwd to a crafternoon we have planned with my family in NY this Christmas. Thanks for the tip on White Christmas!

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