You say goodbye and I say hello.

We have this great big dining room table that we painted with chalkboard paint (thanks, Emily) and we love it. It’s perfect for doodling during dinner parties and score keeping for games. It seats 10 people, comfortably: a rarity in a small city apartment. The problem is that I think by the end of every lingering dinner or game night, our guests go home cursing us because our chairs are so darn creaky and uncomfortable. Here’s the line-up:

You say goodbye

I’ve collected our dining chairs over the course of a few years at various Salvation Armys and thrift stores. The point was to have an eclectic mix with no pretense of them even trying to match. The lot of them cost probably less than $8. For good reason. So after some significant Craigslisting and comfort testing (Alex approved), we purchased six of these babies. Hello hello.

Hello Hello

The price was right (aka cheap). And you know I love a good DIY, so I’m ready to get out my spray paint and give these guys a makeover. Almost.

Brightly colored dining room chairs are so hot right now. Let me show you:


sea foam



So I’m wondering if I should try something bold. Or stick with a classic glossy white:


What do you think?

Dining room


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7 thoughts on “You say goodbye and I say hello.

  1. I vote for each one a different color. Or different shades of green, black, and brown? You know the colors in the curtains. Oh, but you have some rust there too in the frames. Too many choices; but don’t just do all white. (love those curtains!)

  2. Wow, are we the same person? We had the worst dining room chairs (they were folding chairs that I tried to soften with some cushions…but still WAY uncomfortable). I was thinking of doing the same thing and finding some inexpensive chairs to give a mini-makeover…thought about bright blue in our muted blue and brown living room. However, when piddling around on Craigslist one night, I came across a set of chairs that were just our style (solid, chunky wood – – a distressed black finish – – and brown linen seats). The black matches our black-brown IKEA expedit units and the linen matches our rug. It was too perfect! We bargained them down from $30/chair to $20/chair, which for the quality, I think is worth our while. However, now we’re going to need to refashion our current table to match. Different than I initially expected, but I’m actually excited about it.

    Anyway, less about me, more about you…. Love your Craigslist finds. I’d say that if you’re living room could stand for a splash of bright color, go for it! I would have done the same if we didn’t find something else I loved to take us in a different direction. Although I do love a glossy white myself, those don’t weather as well, unless you intentionally give them a distressed look. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    • We have the same IKEA thing! Of course. White is a strong contender at this point. Thanks for the input. And loved your last sewing post! I just tried my first button this weekend too!

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