There will be snacks, there will be snacks.

Andrew Bird knows what’s up: where there are friends, there will be snacks. And the only thing better than snacks are cool little plates to serve them on.


When I discovered ceramic paint last year, I bought this great set of appetizer plates on sale at Crate and Barrel intending to spice them up a bit. (That was within the first few months of being married when we were at Crate and Barrel every weekend with gift cards. Not a bad gig.) But they’ve just been sitting in our cabinet since then.

Not anymore! My friend Alli came over for a little girl time and Crafterhours the other night. Let’s paint a few snack plates, shall we?

First, collect your supplies: something ceramic (I bet you could find some plain mismatched thrift store dishes and make them look like a set!), porcelain paint (you can get this at Blick), and white wine (Alli and I agree that it must be white).


Doodle a little to get into the swing of things and figure out a design or pattern you like. Alli used the curtains for floral inspiration. I tried a few monograms, but ended up going a bit more basic. Then go for it!


This paint is great because it wipes off easily if you make a mistake or just don’t like something. So don’t be scared. Just have some paper towels ready. When you’re done painting, let your items dry for 24 hours.


After you’ve stared at your new snack plates for 24 hours, stick them in a 300 degree oven for 35 minutes. The paint will stay raised, but will harden creating a really cool depth and texture.

Your last step, fill with snacks! And if you’re smart, those snacks will be from Alli’s awesome food blog, Living Fully Without.

Lauren plates

Alli plates

For the record, Alli told me at the start of this project that she couldn’t draw. But look at those flowers! Proof that you too can probably create something more beautiful than you expected. Al, you got it goin’ on!


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