Keepin’ My Day Job

I haven’t ever actually written here about what I do all day. As much as I love and am inspired by creativity and pretty handmade things and could spend lots and lots of hours hanging and rehanging the pictures over our fireplace (that post coming soon), this is what I care about the most:

I work for World Vision, a Christian international humanitarian and relief organization. Specifically, I help provide opportunities for average folk to do something about poverty. One of the ways to do that is by running a marathon and fundraising to provide clean water in Africa. Let me explain.

Running for clean water

In Kenya I met a girl who walked 6 miles every single day to fetch water for her family that would inevitably make them sick. Now because World Vision has partnered with the community, they have a clean water tap in their YARD! Rosemary gets to go to school, her family is healthy, and her mom has time to tend a garden that provides food for them all too.


In Kenya, there’s a saying: Water is life.

I believe God wants to see everyone experience fullness of life. Water, among other things, is essential for that to happen.

Which brings me back to running marathons. I’m running the Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision again this year because I always want to have my own skin in the game. It’s one thing to work for an organization and sit at a desk all day sending emails telling people to run marathons. It’s another thing to train for the marathon myself, physically connect with the people we serve, and remember how scary it can be to ask people for money. But I do it because I know the change that happens as a result is real. It’s as real for me as it is for Rosemary.

So, if you’ve ever been inspired by anything on this blog, I hope it’s this. And I’m going to boldly ask you to make a donation today on my fundraising page. $50 provides clean water for 1 person for life! That is $50 well spent.

Donate at

PS: That video above is a preview of a new Team World Vision short film featuring little old me and showing in theaters on June 12 only! 


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