So granola.

Homemade granola

A new season of Portlandia was released on Monday. Only appropriate to make some granola, right? Maybe some Pistachio, Coconut, and Dried Cherry Granola?

Granola is so expensive that I’ve always assumed it was somehow too complicated or fickle to make at home. Turns out, nope! Probably the easiest thing you could make. Plus there is an immediate AND long-term payoff (when you put some in the freezer).  And who can resist anything that you store in a big beautiful mason jar?

Homemade granola

I tried this recipe because I happened to have everything it called for, but if you don’t, it’s easy to call in some subs. No cherries? Try raisins. No pistachios? Almonds or walnuts. Honey is also a common binding agent in granola, so if you don’t have maple syrup, maybe give this recipe a try (then tell me how it is).

Shelling pistachios

Dave and Kath kept us company while I shelled pistachios and Alex worked on his new website, The Common Vision. (You should definitely go take a look. He’s been writing like a madman and getting all kinds of talented folks to contribute on subjects of faith and culture.)

Granola baking

Once it’s all mixed together, onto the baking sheets it goes. 25 minutes in the oven, a few more to cool, and you’re done. I put half of it in a jar to enjoy this week, and the other half in the freezer as soon as it was cooled. (The one mistake I made with this recipe is using salted pistachios instead of unsalted. The finished product was delicious, but more of a salty snack than a breakfast addition to yogurt and fruit. If you only have salted nuts, leave out part or all of the added salt from the recipe.)

Granola in a jar

I can’t wait to try another batch (or 2 or 4) with new ingredient combinations. (Our first jar is going fast.) Maybe this one with wheat germ and sunflower seeds. Or this one with cinnamon and pecans. Or this one with ginger and honey. If you like granola and have never made it yourself, consider this your invitation!


One thought on “So granola.

  1. I love granola! But i find that honey and maple syrup have pretty distinctive flavors that sometimes can overwhelm the other ingredients while also providing the necessary sweetness. I think the key might be using agave syrup… I’ll be experimenting this winter!

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