The Idiot’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Dear boy readers with sweethearts, if you only ever do one project from this blog, do this one. (Preferably print this on Wednesday at work, because Valentine’s Day is on Thursday.)

Valentine printable 2013

Dear girl readers with sweethearts, you might be surprised by how much your admiration and praise melts even your manliest of men, so you should do this too.

You may have heard of something called the Cost to Income Ratio. Well, this Valentine will net you many many more times what the two sheets of paper will cost.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Print this.
  2. Fold the card in half, and then in half again. Sign it.
  3. Fill in the hearts using the handy little prompts.
  4. Cut the heart paper into six cards.
  5. Tape the cards in places your sweetheart will find them on Valentine’s Day. Like this:

DIY Valentine |

And this:

DIY Valentine |

Or this:

DIY Valentine |

Even if you’re not into Valentine’s Day cheesiness (maybe especially if you’re not into Valentine’s Day cheesiness), you can make someone feel awesome with just a few minutes and some kind words. (Most of the cards could also encourage a coworker or friend.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

PS: Here’s last year’s Valentine Printable too…


Make Mom Proud

My first 28 years of writing thank you notes was child’s play compared to wedding thank yous. A note seems to hardly suffice for the overwhelming generosity of so many (oh so very many), so a special thank you card is even more important.

I got a few questions on my last handmade stationery post. So I’m back to detail a bit more of my process in pictures.

And I’m including a free printable to make it a bit easier. So just click here, follow the photo instructions below, write a few thank you notes, and make mom proud!

Here’s the free printable of the handwritten “thank you” part of the card. Just cut along the lines and then use double-sided tape to attach it!

The Paper Source is a great one stop shop for all things stationery. So check there for cool paper, pre-cut cards of any color, matching envelopes, and envelope liner templates.

PS: All you engaged ladies out there do not have time to be making your own thank you cards. So you better keep an eye on your mail… 

Custom Handmade Valentines by You!

Alright friends. I’m trying something new here. And I’m pretty darn excited about it. Introducing Custom Handmade Valentines by You!

Once you’ve followed my simple instructions, your Valentine will look like this:

I’m making it easy for you this year. All you have to do is download the PDF, fill in your sweetie’s name, print, and give to said sweetie on Feb 14.

This printable (that’s the industry term I learned recently) includes: 

  • Custom heart bunting folded card in two (yes, two!) color schemes
  • Custom matching Valentines coupons (makes gift giving easy, thoughtful, and free!)
  • Two patterned pages for envelope liners, gift tags for the bouquet of flowers you got me, I mean, your wife, or just a special love note
I printed a girlie version on white paper (above), and made it a bit more masculine with this brown paper bag style.

(For all you gaming nerds out there — you know who you are — this is one of Alex’s coupons: “Choose one: +2 actions; +3 cards; +7 kisses”.)

So get to work! Make sure you have Adobe Reader (you can download it here) and then print your printable. (See how they got the name? Clever.)

A few technical notes: Depending on your browser, when you click the link, it might appear like you can edit the PDF right in your browser. Don’t fall for it. Save the document, open it in Adobe Reader, then edit it. Also, when you print, choose the print option that says “actual size.”

If it doesn’t work quite right, you have permission to email me. Like I said, I’m new at this and did all kinds of testing on PCs and Macs, but not quite sure that I caught everything.